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Health @ Work

Health coaching for companies

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Benefits for your company


To get to know each other: four workshops for free


Satisfied and healthy employees

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Easy to integrate into everyday life

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Your expert

Ihre Expertin

My mission is to motivate companies to invest resources, budget & time in the health prevention of their employees! 

I worked in marketing for large companies for over 20 years. But what has shaped me most professionally is living, working & education in different countries: Germany, Cyprus, Greece, Southeastern Europe, USA and Austria. My international experience with people is what makes my coaching sessions so unique and interesting!

I am an entrepreneur with heart and soul! In 2014, I opened my own Health Club and turned my passion for inspiring people to live healthy life into my profession (I was a professional athlete for many years). This was followed by numerous trainings & education in nutrition, sports, relaxation and health consulting. I am a certified health coach and have finished the education in Modern FX Mayr Medicine – intestine health prevention. My MBA studies in Austria & the USA in Leadership & Entrepreneurship complement my expertise. My motto is: "Everything is possible. Because those who want to, will find ways!"

Yours, Natasa

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My goal:
Strengthening employees health and the loyality to the company; reduction of sick leave days


Over 1000 people coached

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More than 600 workshops held


Over 300 success stories to tell

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The symbol of the lucky clover: four areas of my coaching

How do I implement healthy eating habits into my every day life?


How to get fit, what kind of exercise is suitable for me?


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What technique suits me best?


Where do I get my energy?

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Health @ Work program


Organization of health days in the company, or at special locations; anamnesis with the most modern BIA body analysis device and personal one to one coaching: how can I integrate healthy habits into my everyday life; practical and easy to implement tips; the health days are ideal as a team building event and the result is increased awareness of healthy living among employees, motivation and a good team spirit.

Organization of
Health days


Especially for your employees after the long Covid crisis: on-site, or online, interactive workshops on the following health topics: how to strengthen the immune system, tired? exhausted? how to get more energy for family and hobby, detoxification cures for body & mind, fasting cures, how to loose weight on a healthy way, strengthening the back/home office exercises, relaxation in times of crisis. Participants get material to take home and homework for practicing! In order to get to know each other I offer four free workshops for your company (50 min. each), after that you decide whether we continue our cooperation.

One-to-one consultations with employees: the initial consultation with me is free of charge within the framework of the cooperation (30 min. online/on site). Using practical examples, I show how easy it is to integrate healthy nutrition, exercise and relaxation into everyday life, job and the family.

One-to-one sessions

BIA Body analysis

Body analysis with the most modern multifrequency BIA device: we evaluate the state of health; we measure the vitality of the cells and the immune defense - thus it is possible to create a health monitor for employees and record the progress and changes. Personal nutrition, as well as training plans can be created including motivation tools on daily basis.

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This is how we proceed


Four free workshops for your employees to get to know each other


Organization of health days incl. body analysis and personal coaching


Customized health programs at special rates (individual or in small groups)

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Individual coaching

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Health programs for individual coaching sessions

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Strengthen the immune system:
All-round program for body & soul


Detox cure:
Nine days detox program


Weight loss program:
Learn how to lose weight healthy, efficiently and sustainably

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Individual coaching

Stephan Pavek
Bank employee

"Thank you very much for the very profound and friendly analysis of my Body Composition, which I can highly recommend to every health-conscious colleague. Great stuff, with valuable tips.“

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